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Gathering dust

For some time I've had the feeling that time had outgrown the hosting model I was using for my personal website. Today this notion was brought to the light again when I received an email from my hosting provider with the annual bill for the coming 12 months of service.

I remember having the same thoughts a year ago, but the combination of me wanting to put focus on other projects and that I received a very good deal for the hosting plan I was on made me decide to put off the upgrade and stay with my provider for another year. During this time it became very apparent that for me, the whole web hosting thing felt like a thing of the past and I wasn't at all motivated to spend any considerable amounts of time on something that felt obsolete to being with.

Something obviously had to change. I gave some consideration to where I wanted to go with this and what I actually wanted to get out of having some kind of public on-line presence which resulted in several insights. The main one being that I needed something that would let me hit the ground running, to be able to start building and adding content along the process of evolving the site itself.

Simplifying things

The first step of achieving this would be to have something up and running in no-time. This would mean moving into a much simpler setup, which was something I liked, having started out in the era of simple text editors creating websites. I looked around on the net and found Jekyll (which I realize that I likely found so fast since my brother had spoken to me about it a few months earlier) a static site generator that works well with GitHub Pages. After reading about Jekyll's pro's and con's I decided that this was a good place to start. Resetting and going back to a more simplistic solution would refocus on content and getting things done.

Here's to the start of a new adventure on a clean slate where only the first block has been placed.

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