Hey there, I'm a designer from Sweden and I believe in making the world a better place through design. I love crafting beautiful user experiences that change the world around us into a better place. I also have skills in branding, service design, marketing, video, and print design. So please do contact me lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In fringilla, lacus at vestibulum semper, massa purus iaculis nunc, vitae tristique orci neque vitae urna. Suspendisse ornare hendrerit vehicula...

Ugh, are you bored yet? I am.

About who and what?

First of all, hi. I love that you found your way to my site. Unfortunately you seem to be on my about page. I'm a firm believer that about pages are the worst way to learn anything unique about someone.

The real curse of about pages are that the only thing you'll ever find on them is a bunch of juicy sounding buzzwords tailored and tweaked to make you believe that this individual is a unique and special snowflake by presenting you with a slight variation to the same trendy success recipe for the standard about page.

"I craft beautiful websites" - OK there Johnny, welcome to the club.

Even if the information at the start of this page is true, it really isn't unique or very honest. I don't mean that about pages are up to any kind of trickery, it's just that the information is so doctored to not offend anyone that the most important factor to any relationship, recruitment or involvement is filtered out so the message can appeal to the largest audience possible. This, among other things that belong in their own future post is why I dislike personal branding so much.

So where's the actual glove?

What actually does make a difference, and what will tell you so much more about me than anything here is personality. Our personality is as unique as our fingerprint. This is what will, among other things, give you an indication of how they approach and deal with problems, where and what inspires them, how they communicate and which design choices they will make. Essentially if someone is the right fit for you is very dependent on their personality.

Showing traits the natural way

Personality is subtle, it's something that doesn't do well when forced out, and also becomes very apparent to us when faked. With this in mind, I believe personality is best served indirectly, when and where it naturally shines through in other contexts. For example, when writing about something.

So, since there isn't anything meaningful I could tell you here, I welcome you to take part of mine through the posts on this site that can be found by clicking the overview button below.


David Stenbeck

Collected ramblings and experiments.

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